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ErisBusinessSystem is one of the most affordable 4-line office phone systems on the market today. It comes with all the features you'll find in a traditional PBX (public branch exchange) but on a smaller scale—and at a fraction of the cost. Creating ErisBusinessSystem really is as easy as plugging the Ethernet cable and up to four telephone lines to the main console. Desksets to connect their Ethernet network to register their wireless accessories, computers and headsets. No professional assistance is required.


  • The addition of Eris VTECH Terminal to the network, all communications can unify voice, data and internet.
  • From desktop phones with multiple functions to wireless options.
  • Ability to connect remote offices and branches.
  • Reduces installation costs on phones with Power Over Ethernet (PoE).
  • Support hosted PBX platforms and open source means that is always open for business.
  • Input and output audio data with high defición.
  • In addition, a flexible product portfolio, which have several wired and wireless options to keep everyone in touch.

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VTech ErisTerminal keeps everyone completely connected

Video Gallery

  1. VTech ErisTerminal Business System Featuring VSP726/VSP736 and VSP608
  2. VTech ErisTerminal Why Buy

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When you choose Vtech phones for our property, you can count on world-Class service, support and market-Leading engineering, as well as greener standars. You will be paceful with the connfdence that the company understands what the guest wants.

Product Line

• Classics Analog
• Contemporary analog
• Contemporary SIP

Advantages of Phoness

• Do not need tropicalization.
• 01 license SIP with 04 redidock.
• Vanguard connectivity.
• Compatible batteries.
• Antibacterial-resistant plastic to inhibit 99.9% of bacteria growth.
• Base speaker for high quality hands- free operation.
• Can be installed on desktop or mount on the wall.