Smartphones for the guests

Bittel Electronics is a leading global recognition in the communications industry, combining research, development, sales and after-sales service in one company.

All components and finished products Bittel are subjected to stringent process to ensure their quality, as the test variety of environmental conditions: extreme heat and cold; high humidity and low humidity; Salt spray; vibration tests; impact tests; and much more.

Charing mobile device is the most versatile product.

Patented Multi-function cable that supports a ray of apple, Legancy apple, android, microfoft, blackberry and most mobile devices. high power fast charger 4-port USB charging.

Bittel phones


High quality stereo speakers.
Phones with high-quality stereo.
Phones with integrated Bluetooth system.
USB charging ports
Multifunction load cables.
Clock display with light intensity modulation.
Custom configuration keys..